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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cave Day in Puerto Rico Written by Christine

1st day in Puerto Rico! Wow, it's hard to wake up so early after no sleep the night before, 9 hour flight, staying up until almost midnight, a 4 hour time change and yet all the excitment seems to get us outta bed.
We had to get up early because we are traveling to the other side of the island to see the Camuy Caves today, something Eddie and I have wanted to see for years.
As I headed down to meet the group I was a little scaried they'd be saying "What are you doing to us! We wanna go back to bed!" But all I got was smiles, hugs and I don't think anyone knows how amazing these caves are going to be and that adds to our excitment to see what everyone thinks when they see them.
The tour guide, Pappa Lion, is great, he is very informative and makes alot of jokes, however the bus ride is freezing! We think the air condictioner is stuck on high, so it's either on or off. Off is hot and stuffy, on is a freezer on wheels! The group is great and everyone is just laughing about it.
At the caves we board a tram that transports us down into the huge sink hole, the cave is at the bottom. The cave is enormous, way bigger then I had ever imaged, completely aweinspiring! Wow, we can't wait to enjoy this cave forever, and I already know I need to return to Puerto Rico someday to experience it once again. No words to describe the feeling of being inside this magificent cave.....speechless. Not everyone seen the bats inside the cave, however I did get to see them and it wasn't scary at all, just added to the awe of the cave.
After the cave we headed to lunch, which for me was amazing. I totally fell in love with the Gauva sauce. I asked if they sold it and they said no......not sure how I will go on in life without it, was even great on the french fries.
After lunch we headed to the Puerto Rico Bethel, everyone was changing into their meeting clothes and it was crazy and hilarious! The Bethel in Puerto Rico is closing in April 2013 and it felt like a real pervledge to get to see it before it closes. Jacob said "This is cool." How heart touching.
Our tour guide, Pappa Lion, who is not a witness, got invited on the tour with us. Our Bethel tour guide didn't speak very much English and Pappa Lion help translate. He seemed to enjoy the tour very much and when the Bethel sister said the Bethel was closing he kept saying "no you can't close this place it's beautiful." The sister and her husband will be moving to Spain where the translating dept. in Puerto Rico is moving to.
Then it was off to the Bacardi Factory, this was different then I expected, it was very commercialized and we never saw any part of the real factory. After the Bacardi Factory most the group was really starting to feel the lack of sleep, but off we went on a walking tour to dinner! Poor Doris had a horrible leg injury just prior to the vacation, she was a real trooper and hung in there.
The old city of San Juan is romantic and cool to walk thru with all the old buildings fortress walls. You feel like you're in the Romancing the Stone movie or something, very nice experience.
The restaurant is an old jail and there was Fleminco dancers proforming for us. Karen and I joined in the Fleminco dancing and had a blast. Oh, and did I mention the unusual frogs in Puerto Rico? They sound like birds! I love them! It's such a beautiful sound, it adds to the romantic atmosphere, wow.
PS Karen lost her wallet this morning but found it, but all the same she got to experience a mini heartattact.

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